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Anyone that is attuned to the app development world knows that gaming is the most lucrative wave of the future and the best format to focus on moving forward will be the mobile gaming platform, most specifically the iPhone. The conventional gaming consoles, in full size or as personal consoles, are still extremely popular and can match a level of play experience that mobile still does not have the capacity to reach but that is quickly changing. Apple reports over $26 billion dollars spent on mobile apps in 2013 and are estimating even further growth.

With almost 2 million varieties of games available for download, it is the highest category of downloaded apps and moreso, these games are becoming increasingly sophisticated. These games will undoubtedly end up being premium games requiring greater memory and costing more than many current games as the industry moves from console based games to a more developed range on the iPhone itself. While many may be heavily discounted to encourage downloads, they will definitely not be free and this will begin to set a precedent for mobile games.

Some of the challenges that are facing developers in creating these for the iPhone are often the ability of users to adapt from playing with controllers to playing with fingers alone and will have to be invented with the touchability in mind. This might be the factor that leads players that are more inclined to engage in casual games into more intense gaming platforms and perhaps become more “hardcore” gamers. Additionally, some clip-on, plug-in and blue tooth type controllers are also being created for iPhones, extending the range that much further.

For those that want to still have the big visuals, the development of tools that will allow gamers to use their iPhones to run intense games through your television is also occurring although this will require some adaptation in the controls so that players are not required to look at their phones to run the games. This will end up building on their sales of Apple TV as use as a receiver to play games from your phone while viewing them on your television screen.

As Apple continues to engage with partners and close the loop in creating these methods of play for gamers who are focused on more serious games with well-defined graphics, complex environments and dimensional play, the world of iPhone gaming is becoming an area of excellent growth. As always, the compatibility factor will tie users to the Apple platform once they have Apple TV and controls, encouraging users to make the decision to forego purchasing an android phone and choosing instead to stick with Apple to maintain their library of apps.

If you are a mobile game enthusiast, this information will be extremely relevant to you because as users become more tied into the world of Apple and the sales of tools and hardware is reinforced by issues of compatibility, the developers will follow the fans and the trends will go to where the greatest popularity lies. With this in mind, development in other platforms will either slow down or take a different direction and the area with the greatest potential will continue to grow.